How an advocate helps parents

We offer a free one-hour initial consultation to discuss your concerns.

We discuss the benefits of advocacy  so you can determine if my service is right for YOU.

My services will match your needs if YOU…

  • Unsure of your parental rights to be an active participant and decision maker in your child’s education
  • Feel overwhelmed and outnumbered at IEP meetings
  • Wish professionals would speak to you in parent-friendly terms
  • Have questions and concerns that you haven’t been able to address at IEP meetings
  • Are unhappy with your child’s current special education services
  • Worry about your child’s academic and behavioral gains over time

The process of activating the parent-advocate team includes:

  1. Parent completes needed paperwork (includes release of information, contract for services).
  2. Parent gathers all needed records: the last 3 IEPs, report cards,evaluation reports, documents from outside professionals AND provides copies  for the advocate.
  3. WE COMMUNICATE  (phone, email, letter) with each other.
  4. Advocate guides parent in communications with school personnel
  5. Advocate observes student in classroom. – optional
  6. Advocate attends IEP  meeting to improve the delivery of special education services.
  7. Advocate empowers parents through modeling effective advocacy strategies for future IEPs.
  8. Advocate provides parents with the information about county resources.
  9. Advocate follows-up with the parent to see if the new IEP has led to the desired outcome.