Testimonials from Parents & Students in San Diego

Andrea is a god sent. She has taught me how to read my son’s IEPs and helped me understand what my rights as a parent of a child with disabilities are. She has provided me with so much information and brought to my attention many programs to help my son. She is extremely compassionate and really seems to care about my son and his future. Andrea is truly a wonderful and caring person… She truly cares about our children with disabilities.”
– M.A., Parent of 5th grade student

I cannot recommend Andrea Katz enough. Andrea has been working with my grandson for the last two years and the improvement in his reading proficiency has been incredible. When my grandson started with Andrea, he had tested almost 2 years behind his actual grade level, and he absolutely hated reading. His latest tests have him reading comfortably at his grade level and we often catch him reading sports magazines and sports books without prompting. Andrea’s approach is very personal and my grandson’s materials and drills were customized for him on a weekly basis.  Do you have a challenged reader? Call Andrea!”
– S.W., Grandmother of a 4-5th grader

“I feel so fortunate that I found Andrea.  There are so many different types of advocates and attorneys out there but Andrea Katz is a true gem.  I am a parent of a child with special education needs.  I also happen to be an attorney in California so when I approached the school with help I was confident that I had the ability to advocate for my child.  However, after participating in my first IEP meeting with the school I realized that I needed to talk to someone who knew the language and help me understand how the school conducted its business.  In sum, I needed someone to help guide me to work more effectively with my child’s school.  After consulting with a few different advocates and attorneys, I called Andrea.  Andrea’s name was given to me by a friend of mine and I realized immediately that she was the perfect advocate for me.  Andrea is truly dedicated to her work.  She is caring and thoughtful.  She knows the system and how it works.  She will listen to your specific needs carefully and guide you through the process.  After my consultation with Andrea, I saw a major difference in the services that were provided to me in support of my son.  I was able to open doors that were originally closed to me.  Andrea provided me with the knowledge and moral support I needed to move forward.  I am confident that even the most educated parent can benefit from consulting with Andrea.  I am so thankful I made that phone call and found her.  I will continue to use her in the process as I move forward.  Thank you so much Andrea.”
K.F., Parent